Salem News and Events


January 10, 2016


Our mission is to grow as a unified body
 in love for Christ
and to serve as a light to our community by welcoming all,
spreading the Word of God,

and helping others.





Prayer is a powerful ministry for the people of Salem.  Know that God listens to the hearts of those that are in need and to those that pray on their behalf.


For Prayer concerns, please write the names on the white board in the Narthex or let Pastor Routee know.  Names will be read during worship on Sunday morning as well as offered up in daily prayer.


If you wish to place someone on our confidential prayer chain, please call Shirley Tallman at (717) 933-8064.





Please remember to keep our Homebound Members in your prayers:

Blanche Herrington, Lew & Jane Woodland
Gerald & Shirley Batz, Helen Lymaster





Children’s Story Time Helpers



10th Denise Triest
17th Gerry Lebo
24th Steve Long


7th Angie Edwards
14th Pam Guigley



















Pastoral Visits

If you are in need of a pastoral visit from Pastor Routte due to illness, hospitalization, nursing home, death in family, etc., please call Rosemary Routte at 484-338-3761.








Church Council Installation

New members of church council will be installed during the worship service this week.  Thank you for giving your time and your talents!!







Church Council

Next meeting is on Tuesday, January 12th at 7:30 pm








Greeter sign-up sheets for January have been posted on the bulletin board.








For the Community…..




Our next community meal will be held Thursday, January 14th from 5 – 6:30 p.m. (the 2nd Thursday of each month). We are looking for volunteers to help and/or come out and sit, talk, and eat with the members of the community.  Please mark your calendars!!! 






Pastor Routee would like to start a Bible Study group to be held at a time that is convenient for the attendees.  If you are interested, please see Ruth Stein or sign up on the bulletin board. 






Request for Cards!

Steve Long is in the Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon.  His family is asking for his church family to send cards to help cheer him.   Please send cards to his home address:

                         11 Green Acres

                         Lebanon, PA  17046






Redner's Save-A-Tape

We are collecting receipt tapes from Redner's under their save-a-tape program.   Purchases must be made using a card for Redner's Save-A-Tape program.  Drop your receipts in the bag on the bulletin board






For Snow Cancellations tune into WLBR 1270 AM.








New Sign-Up Sheets

Alter flower, greeter, and snack sponsor sign-up sheets have been posted on the bulletin board for 2016.  Sign-up if you would like to volunteer for one of these activities!








Last Week's Worship Attendance: 25

Christmas Eve Attendance: 37

Church E-Mail –

Church Website –








Teach Me Lord

Teach me, Lord, the ways of truth,
So I may not abuse my youth
In idle things that will not give
Instructions in the way to live.
Bless me with a godly mind
That I may walk and be most kind
To all of those who may not know
Christian way in which to go.

Teach me, Lord, in my old age
To see your goodness in every page
Of my Bible as I read
Of how you'll meet my every need.
Please teach me, Lord, this prayer I pray
To serve you now in every way.



--Submitted by member, Shirley Strawter Ministries